[Talk-us] election statement

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Wed Aug 18 22:05:00 BST 2010

  i originally brought up statements because i intend to write something
about imports, and i realized it would be easy to interpret as
electioneering, so it made sense to just suggest that candidates say
something and be done with it.

i became involved in OSM through Russ Nelson. i have known Russ
for many years as we both are long time participants in the anti-spam
community. when Russ announced he was moving on to become
a community ambassador for Cloudmade, i looked at the project
and concluded that it was pretty cool. that was perhaps 18 months
ago, and it's still pretty cool.

i have a particular interest in how this community evolves to
meet external and internal forces. i think that this is a very interesting
time for OSM in the US, as Government organizations try to figure out
how it fits, as businesses like Mapquest work out its impact on their
business models, and as the individual contributors try to sort out
their feelings about the the effect of these new players on the

i found SOTM-US to be a very energizing experience and look forward
to continuing to support OSM US, however the election turns out.


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