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Lisa Jackson lisa.jackson at geogoody.com
Fri Aug 20 01:52:30 BST 2010

Hello all,
I'm Lisa Jackson from Atlanta, Georgia.  I first learned about OSM through
Danielle Ayan when Thea first came to town, and started meeting with the
Georgia URISA group.  I've worked on some of the local data conversion
projects with the shp-to-osm script that Carl updated.  I was a much more
active mapper last year, and added in most of the Georgia Tech campus, but
then I got distracted by other obligations.

Thea suggested that I run for the board, but frankly--since all five
existing board members are running, and have done such a great job--I don't
expect to be voted in.  ...I do want to contribute, and--with the support of
the group--plan to become more involved in the following ways:
 Create custom styles and slippy maps for schools (k-12 and higher ed),
small businesses, and/or maybe public events.
Compile a benefits list, and information packet for these groups and, in
particular, for schools groups applying for grants.


Lisa Jackson
Atlanta, Georgia

*Lisa Jackson
Atlanta, Georgia*
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