[Talk-us] Election Statement

Carl Anderson carl.anderson at vadose.org
Sat Aug 21 22:44:17 BST 2010

I think the current board is doing a great job.  I think you should
reelect them.

I became aware of OSM at MUM/osg'05.  Last year I started to contribute
by helping with the Atlanta mapping parties and getting staff from local
govts to show up.  That included my own staff from Fulton County.

Since then I have been slowly working to improve tools to help integrate
govt data and assist govt users get an understanding of how and why to

I have been able to directly assist in obtaining govt data for others to
work with and import.

I have in my role as a member of the GIS community worked to improve
understanding and acceptance of OSM.

If elected / if not elected, either way I will contribute to OSM by
spreading the message, improving tools, coordinating with the GIS
community and govt sectors, and assist in encouraging projects to
improve the whole.

Carl Anderson

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