[Talk-us] GeoBus Discussion

Blars Blarson openstreetmap-talk-us at scd.debian.net
Sun Aug 22 18:28:25 BST 2010

In article <AANLkTinHg331nOZJxJHKwCeG2va+gnBCErhTZXm7pY_q at mail.gmail.com> jim at loc8.us writes:

>Tomorrow (Thursday) night at 8pm EST, we are going to have a meeting to
>discuss the GeoBus.

You should realize by making it a phone discussion, you are excluding
some people.  I'm much more likely to participate in an email or IRC

I think you are underestimating the amount of work involved in such a
conversion.  Used busses (school, local or long distance) tend to be
very high mileage and need a lot of maintenance.  I think a used RV
should also be considered, they tend to have maintenance issues from
lack of use.  Also, the bus is more likely to need a commercial
drivers licence.

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