[Talk-us] What would you want done with TIGER 2010?

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Tue Aug 24 12:07:32 BST 2010

> Also, has there been any progress since the last import with regards
> to handling county borders? The current data is an absolute nightmare
> in that regard. Luckily here in Kansas there really isn't too much
> demand for routing along all the tiny county roads that straddle the
> border but still, from a "perfect world" perspective it would be great
> to get that cleaned up.

  County borders will be difficult to do programmatically due to alignment, 
and differences in how county borders handled the roads.   A regional 
mapping enthusiast stitched up all the county borders in my state.   I 
stitched the borders of several other counties where I knew the road 
layouts.   It takes a bit of analysis to get started, but it goes much 
faster after finding out the convention for a certain area. 

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