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> Hi Everyone,


> First time mailing, probably overdue, but I've been reading for a while.


> Got a question I'm hoping will spark some discussion:


> What would you like to see done (or NOT see done) with TIGER 2010 as

> regards OSM when it is released?


I don't know whether this can be done differently from the 2007. The 2010 data may be coded the same way, which would not permit it. In the 2007 data as imported, many streets appeared as ways running several blocks. The address range information that was uploaded was for the whole way. When it has become necessary to split the ways (to add speed limits, bike paths, use them in relations, add medians for "dual carriageways," etc.), the address information could not be reliably split without field checking (and in some areas it is surprisingly hard to find street addresses in the field). In areas with street grids, it is possible to make reasonable guesses, particularly if you know the area and the streets are designated using numbers (1st Ave, etc.) But in sprawly areas, the old pattern of starting a new "hundred" every block has often been abandoned. So, for example, a Hawthorn Ave. might have a segment in TIGER that spans 8 blocks, with an address range of 1500-2100 rather than the more traditional 1500-2300.

Anyway If the 2010 has block-face-level address ranges, it would be good to upload the streets as block edges rather than long ways spanning several blocks, to make it easier to work with the address ranges. (so the above example of Hawthorn St would be uploaded as 8 ways, each with its own address range) And then it would be good to see if we can use the 2010 to add the address ranges to what has already been edited from the 2007 upload. If we want OSM to support routing, we're going to need addresses. A group of Canadian mappers has just completed uploading address ranges for virtually all of Canada (discussed on the talk-ca list).

Edward L. Hillsman

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