[Talk-us] What would you want done with TIGER 2010?

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Tue Aug 24 18:14:13 BST 2010

> Well, that's why I said I don't know.  Maybe there is a county in the
> US where TIGER is the best we've got, but I don't know of any.

  Start with mine, and another county in another state where I frequently 
travel to - $$$$ for a GIS DVD with a strict non-reproduction license. 
I've already asked, and they mean this to exclude an OSM type of use.

> If you mean that a mapper would be presented with a new street, which
> doesn't exist in OSM, overlayed on top of an aerial, and could hit
> "yes, import", "no, don't import", or "mark for further research",
> yeah, that'd be nice.  But then, the nice thing would be the software,
> not TIGER.  I'd much rather use that software on the shapefiles
> provided by my county.

   The value of TIGER in this case would be that you can restrict the 
suggested import set to just the changes from the original TIGER, for cases 
where the entire region was not changed in TIGER.

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