[Talk-us] Meetups around the US

David Carmean dlc at halibut.com
Wed Aug 25 17:44:34 BST 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 12:39:03PM -0400, Katie Filbert wrote:

> Getting together at a coffeehouse or cafe works too.  The local library is
> also a good place to meet (they probably have rooms available to reserve for
> free + wi-fi).  Making it a combo mapping-socializing event works.
> If it's only 7-8 people, then reserving space may not be needed, but I know
> some (e.g. not starbucks) may have a back room or space that can be reserved
> for meetup groups.
> Make sure they have wi-fi.  And, if people go out to map, it helps to have
> someone stick around at the coffeehouse (for any stragglers & to keep the
> space).

In the SF Bay Area, we had the unfortunate experience one weekend of
not noticing that the Cafe had a policy of providing wi-fi only during
the low-traffic week days, but turned it off for Saturdays and Sundays,
so make sure to check that it will be available when you actually need it.

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