[Talk-us] Meetups around the US

Sarah Manley sarah.m.manley at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 03:51:16 BST 2010

In the bay area we have a great partnership with a local sierra club group.
Most of the events that are now posted on the meetup group are co-organized
with them. This might be a good alternative for more "rural groups".

For bay area folks, if anyone is interested in being added as an organizer
to our meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-OpenStreetMappers/ ),
please let me know. I don't make it to these events too often anymore, but
do keep an eye here and on meetup.

If you do start a meetup, I would recommend contacting folks who list they
are interested in similar topics, or have similar groups. Joining forces can
be a great way to introduce folks to OSM who may have no idea we exist.

As for locations, when I hosted events more often, we went to cafes,
libraries, local community centers and even a local sports store. Asking
around check on yelp, or even call your local community relations
department, they can be a great resource to find out if there are free local
rooms to rent.

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