[Talk-us] San Francisco Geodata

Gregory Arenius gregory at arenius.com
Thu Aug 26 21:15:43 BST 2010

San Francisco has a website at datasf.org that has a lot of good geodata on
it.  The current licence isn't acceptable for using any of the data but they
might be willing to give us permission to use it.

Some of the datasets that I thought were interesting were city
public lands<http://gispub02.sfgov.org/website/sfshare/catalog/sflnds_public.zip>,
street centerlines<http://gispub02.sfgov.org/website/sfshare/catalog/stclines.zip>,
speed limits<http://gispub02.sfgov.org/website/sfshare/catalog/dpt_speedlimits.zip>and
the bike

We have good street data for San Francisco so the street centerline file
would mostly be useful to check for errors and inform us about which streets
really don't have a name.

We need addresses if we want to have usable data for routing programs.  The
addresses file has them in point format.  The city lots file also has
addresses or address ranges for each parcel.  Has anybody done imports of
similar address data?  If so, did you keep it in a point format or convert
it into the "parallel ways" format?  How did things turn out?  I would
really like to put that address data into OSM if I can get permission from
the city to use it for that purpose.

The speed limits would be useful for routing as well.

Also, just to be clear, even if the city grants permission for us to use
this data I certainly don't plan on just 'dumping' it into OSM.  We already
have good data for San Francisco.  I'm more interested in using it to refine
what we already have and plan on taking it slow and doing any imports the
right way.

I'd love to hear any thoughts or ideas or what other locals would like to
see our map have.

I'm probably going to be meeting with someone from the city next week to
discuss the licence issue and ways we can collaborate.  Anything in
particular you folks are interested in?

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