[Talk-us] dead line for joining & voting in current board election

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Fri Aug 27 04:35:59 BST 2010

On Thursday, August 26, 2010 08:18:10 am, Richard Welty wrote:
> for the community and for OSM, it's about potential. there are
> numerous issues confronting OSM right now. The biggest US
> centric one i can think of right now are the questions about imports
> and Tiger 2010. while OSMF US cannot take a dictatorial position
> (everyone would just point and laugh and walk away), there are
> definitely things OSMF US can do here. i myself think that the
> next board should form an import committee to start developing
> a coherent policy framework and an agreed upon process.
> likewise, OSMF US can help with meetups and mapping parties.
> OSMF US will continue to work with local committees to organize
> SOTM US every year.

Thanks Ian, Richard, and Serge. OSM US's plans have been a e-mail message here and there since April, but AFAIK they've yet to be coagulated into one place…

As such, I support OSM US's plans, and have joined as a member. Thanks for all the information!


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