[Talk-us] One in a million. Are you that mapper?

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sun Dec 5 20:41:39 GMT 2010

Are you one in a million?  Just how unique are you?

The US has 52 cities of over 1 million population[1] and 50 states,
but only fourteen have local OSM user meetings.  Find the list of US
local OSM meetings here.


Know of another local meeting that isn't on the list?  Add them.

Does your city have a local OSM  meeting?  Why not?  You need only three things:

1) to decide to do it
2) to set a place and time
3) to let people know that you are doing it.

It's easy and fun.  There are people in your city WAITING FOR YOU to
start a local OSM meeting.

Do it.

[1] or metro areas, approx. wikipedia.

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