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On Monday, December 13, 2010 05:10:04 pm Val Kartchner wrote:
> This had been done as a footway.  This is the
> wrong way to do it, but what is the right way?

Have you been up there? It may not be technically wrong—there may be paths alongside each of the letter's segments used for maintaining the letter. I know of at least 3 letters locally to me (Socorro NM; Las Cruces, NM; El Paso, TX), and all have such footpaths.

It makes me think of CERN's LHC:


It's indicated as an underground footway tunnel. On first thought, you must think that's wrong, till you realize, it *is* an underground footway tunnel. If you really want to get fancy, it's a bike path—they use bikes down there along the tunnel's length. It is not inaccurate, and best of all it still gets rendered.

So there's my +1 for using footways to draw out these letters on OSM. This assumes such pathways exist, and falls apart for more anthropogenic signs (e.g. Alan's CASINO example).

Some kind of tagging to indicate mountain letters is a good idea. They're difficult-to-miss navigational aides, and it makes sense to place them on maps. Important information to include is who maintains the letter, and/or association (I suppose operator= would work for that).


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