[Talk-us] TIGER 2010 Imports

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 16:01:37 GMT 2010

Hi Talk-US,

First of all, can we agree as a group to hold off on importing or applying
any TIGER 2010 data until we come up with a way to apply changes in a
uniform and somewhat organized manner?

I really don't want to run into the situation we currently have with NHD
where everyone is doing the conversion with different tools using different
sets of mapping files and uploading in different ways. Let's have a
discussion about how this should be pulled off first.

Having said that: let's start a thread here about getting the TIGER data
moving along. What steps can we take to move the shapefiles in to OSM
format? How can we collaborate on the mapping to OSM tags?

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