[Talk-us] TIGER 2010 Imports

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Dec 15 17:28:28 GMT 2010

> Imports are bad, but imagry is good.

  Good imports aren't necessarily bad - it's as if a single *very active* 
mapper covers a large area.  The future maintenance of that mapper's 
contributions is the same as if the data came from an import.

> I think that's because people feel they're a part of the process when
> they trace or correct tracing through imagery. We should try to create
> a process that involves people as much as machines.

  I agree that some sort of trace function will be useful - especially in 
areas already mapped where the corrections may just be to the centerlines. 
This will be a good addition to the "Road Matcher" utilities already 

> * We have a map of reviewed vs unreviewed TIGER data. We should use it.

   In many cases, I won't mark the data as reviewed if I have not surveyed 
to the ends of a road.   A test for "never edited" might just be version, 
while also disregarding known bot edits such as the un-abbreviator. 

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