[Talk-us] Feburary 4th Minutes and Election Update

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 02:24:31 GMT 2010

US Mappers,

Here are the meeting minutes for the February 4th OSM US Meeting:


The election nomination window has closed. At this point I am writing
the nominated people to ask them if they would like to run for the
board. If they accept, you should see an email from them to this list
with a paragraph or two on why they feel they would make a good

We're giving people about a week to make the decision before starting
the elections.

If you are one of the folks who will be part of the elections (ie if
you were listed on the Wiki page as a potential financial member
before the nomination process), you will recieve an email from either
myself or Kate Chapman with instructions on how to vote.

Voting will last two weeks, after which a new board will be elected.

This board will need to work out the positions they will have in the
organization, and from then on the board will be running the weekly
phone conferences, handling the meeting minutes, etc.

Other duties of this temporary board will be:

  * Completing the bylaws
  * Completing the incorporation process
  * Beginning the process of filing for non-profit status (including
creating a set of bylaws, etc.)
  * Working with the Local Chapters Working Group and OSM Foundation
to set the US organization up as a local chapter
  * Creating a structure for membership and actively recruiting members
  * Holding an official election for a democratically elected board by
members of the new organization

So, to recap:

Nominees will be contacted soon (and if you don't hear from me by
Sunday, please contact me directly!). Voters will be contacted on/near
th e15th. The voting period will be two weeks, ending on March 1st.

To the larger community: Please bear with us as we get all this sorted
out. Hopefully there will be an announcement not too long from now in
how you can join the newly formed organization!

- Serge Wroclawski

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