[Talk-us] US highway tagging and relations

Jeff Barlow Jeff at WB6CSV.net
Mon Feb 8 00:19:44 GMT 2010

Matthias Versen <spam at mversen.de>  wrote:

>Use http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/dysteleologist to send him a 
>message. You can mail every User through the OSM system.

Thank you, I was not aware of this. Is this documented somewhere?
The wiki seems to lack a comprehensive table of contents.

>There is a tooltip on each button and i find it easy to understand the 
>function behind it. 

Most likely because you already know what it does. For us newbies
it's pretty mysterious.

>Feel free to create a wiki help page for the JOSM 
>Relation Editor.

If I understood how it worked, I would be happy to. 

>That little Icon shows if the Relation Member is connected to the 
>new/previous Member.

Shows how? This is not obvious to me. Are there examples
somewhere? If they are not connected then are we supposed to move
them around till they are? If so how does one guess where they
are supposed to go?

>If you edit a border Relation you should get a "circle" if all Relation 
>Members are in the right position and are connected to each other = the 
>border is ok.

Okay, so how, if at all, does this apply to US highway route
relations? Is order meaningful for them? If so what should it be?

Jeff Barlow

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