[Talk-us] [Warning: Potential Flamewar] Clarifying InterstateRelations

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Mon Feb 8 19:34:57 GMT 2010

> Second, separating out the highway system requires the data consuming
> application to know how to piece things back together.  Otherwise, a
> shield on a map for example with just a "25" in it is pretty limited in
> use.

  After / if a generalized shield solution is in place, a 25 placed on an 
'Interstate' shield is quite descriptive.   It avoids the need for the 
renderer or consumer to parse out the number.

> Third, I consider a reference containing just the number to be
> incomplete.  IMHO, the ref tag should contain the complete designation
> of a piece of highway.  This also makes it easier to search for this.

  To search, just search for both the network and route tags.  It's just as 
though the information was placed in separate database columns.


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