[Talk-us] US Chapter temporary Board Nomination

Dane Springmeyer blake at hailmail.net
Fri Feb 12 21:50:10 GMT 2010

Along with a great group of nominees, I'm also honored to accept the  
nomination for the temporary board of the US chapter of the OSM  

As a temporary board member I would be committed to work on the the  
processes, organizing, and paperwork that is needed to jump start the  
US Chapter.
Based on my role with the OSM community and my contacts in the  
regional mapping community, I feel like I have the necessary skills  
and background to contribute to the process.

My first involvement with OSM came through my contributions to the  
Mapnik project and over the last several years I enjoyed collaborating  
with huge range of OSM enthusiasts to make better maps with Mapnik.

I run an independent consultancy [1] doing web development and mapping  
work mainly for non-profits, government environmental agencies, and  
small startups. I'm very excited about helping facilitate more  
involvement, contribution, and innovative uses of OSM by US agencies,  
and I'm encouraged by the possibilities of a US Chapter.

I have a background in biology and GIS and before starting my own  
company I previously managed the Conservation GIS program for a non- 
profit called the Wild Salmon Center in Portland, OR, which took me  
across the Western US, Alaska, and Russia doing mapping work. Now, I'm  
based out of Seattle, and continue to work with clients doing  
environmental mapping, some of whom are actively using OSM [2].

Dane Springmeyer

[1] http://dbsgeo.com

[2] As an example, for the haiti crisis I worked with NOAA to  
integrate OSM data into their environmental response application: http://bit.ly/ERMA_NOAA

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