[Talk-us] US Chapter temporary Board Nomination

Katie Filbert filbertk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 14:13:03 GMT 2010

I accept the nomination to serve on the US OpenStreetMap Chapter board.

In forming the US OpenStreetMap Chapter, I would bring five years of
experience with the Wikimedia Foundation as a volunteer, including
involvement with Foundation issues.  This past year, I have worked on
strategy planning to help advise the Wikimedia Foundation on its future
direction and have been involved in program planning and organizing
Wikimania (Wikimedia annual conference) in 2008 and 2009.  In the United
States, I am one of the DC meetup organizers and liaison with the New York
City Wikimedia chapter, the first in the United States.  We are in
discussion to expand the NYC chapter to include the Washington DC area, as
well as Boston and other parts of the Northeast United States and perhaps
expand one day to become the US chapter.

With my education and background is in GIS and geography, being involved
with OpenStreetMap for the past year has been a natural fit.  Since summer,
I have been actively involved with the MappingDC group, including organizing
mapping parties and more recently, have served as project coordinator for
OpenStreetMap projects for CrisisCommons and CrisisCamp Haiti, taking place
over the past month in cities across the US and internationally.

For the US OpenStreetMap chapter, I would help guide the organization
through the process of incorporation, with particular attention to issues
relating to establishing a chapters agreement with the OpenStreetMap
Foundation, and be able to take on tasks needed to file incorporation and
other needed tasks.  I would also seek out legal advice, through contacts at
Wikimedia and CrisisCommons, to review the chapters agreement, other
documents, etc.  I would advise, drawing on lessons learned on what has
worked for Wikimedia and its chapters, what has not worked so well, and what
we have learned from other similar organizations through the strategy
planning process, along with with understanding of how the OpenStreetMap
organizational structure differs from Wikimedia as a membership organization
and in other ways.

-Katie Filbert
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