[Talk-us] OpenStreetMap US Local Chapter Election Ballot

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Mon Feb 15 20:45:40 GMT 2010

On Feb 15, 2010, at 1:35 PM, Richard Welty wrote:
> On 2/15/10 3:27 PM, SteveC wrote:
>> On Feb 15, 2010, at 1:25 PM, Richard Welty wrote:
>>> On 2/15/10 3:13 PM, SteveC wrote:
>>>> Guys all the SOTM votes are run by independent parties with additional independent verification, you doing any of that here? It's a bias for one of the people on the ballot sheet to be emailing asking for the your 5 votes.
>>> it is my  understanding that survey monkey (the tool being used) has good
>>> controls for this sort of thing. additionally, i think that Serge is quite ethical
>>> and as good a choice as any to oversee this.
>> I didn't say he wasn't, but I can tell you from evolving the OSMF that you have to be transparent about everything.
> keep in mind that this is for a 6 month term, there is the opportunity to put fixes
> into the bylaws and throw out the winners of this round in a half a year. if it's not
> transparent enough for this round, it can be addressed.

I find it pretty disturbing you're advocating not being transparent.

I'm all for being pragmatic and getting things started, but it's not much at all to ask someone independent verify the votes is it?

> i would urge everyone who has concerns to participate in the weekly conference call.
> win or lose, i'll be continuing to call in regularly.

You shouldn't limit peoples participation based on whether they can make a phone call or not. That makes anyone with a reasonable point on the mailing list a second class citizen, when you're supposed to be encouraging participation as widely as you can.

Basically, if it's going to be successful growing the OSMF-US is going to be a painful and long process and you can skip a lot of it if you learn from the mistakes we made at OSMF... or you can just think you're right and repeat it all, some people only learn by doing, not by watching or listening. You're setting the tone here for the direction it's going, and I'm telling you that starting off with the attitude that people have to be on your phone call and you guys do what you like with respect to transparency is the wrong move.

So, please reconsider your position.

Yours &c.


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