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SteveC steve at asklater.com
Mon Feb 15 23:07:14 GMT 2010

Good point - I should have caught this in the '[Talk-us] Feburary 4th Minutes and Election Update' email. Too many fricking emails.

I'm cool that kate is also overseeing

Good luck all!

On Feb 15, 2010, at 3:42 PM, Serge Wroclawski wrote:
> Steve,
> Thanks for the interest in the US Local Chapter and expressing your
> concern about the elections. Let me see if I can address your concerns
> in this mail.
> The working group that is working to create the United States local
> chapter has made a lot of progress, but to go any further, it needs to
> incorporate as a legal entity. Doing that requires a board of
> directors. The working group (the group that meets on the call)
> decided that the most fair way to do this was to hold an informal
> election. It's an informal election because there aren't any true
> members yet, so the criteria by which someone was able to vote had to
> be chosen. It's also not a secret ballot. SurveyMonkey was chosen
> because it served our needs.
> Originally, Kate, who was leading the calls, was going to run the
> election, but since she's been unavailable for the last month (due to
> the crisis in Haiti), I've been running the calls, acting as
> secretary, and running the election. Kate is also overseeing the
> election, which is why all nominees had to contact both myself and
> Kate, and Kate will oversee the results on SurveyMonkey along with me.
> Circling back, we've discussed the voting procedure on the calls. It's
> been a major area for discussion: ensuring that the new organization
> is created in a way that's fair and transparent. We've discussed
> voting mechanisms, schemes, the length of time we'd give people to
> vote, etc. Each issue was discussed until there was unanimous consent
> in how we'd proceed. If even one person had any question, or
> objection- we didn't move forward.
> In addition to discussions within the working group, we've announced
> the election process on the talk-us list several times, and I've been
> sending out regular notifications about the election process for the
> last several weeks in order to let folks know where the working group
> was at, what it was planning, and to solicit feedback from the larger
> community. We've also been increasing the amount of communication the
> working group has had with the larger community in order to try to
> bring more parties onto the call.
> This is the election process that's been selected for this first
> board. Once there is an actual organization, it will open up
> membership and a board can be elected by the members.
> We've done our best to make the process as fair and as transparent as
> we could. Again, Kate is overseeing the election along with me. That
> reduces the chances that one of us could taint the election.
> If that doesn't satisfy your concerns, the other option available to
> us would be to release the votes once they're collected. I don't know
> how I feel about this. On the one hand, it increases transparency (and
> people could do their own tallies), but on the other, someone may not
> want their votes out for all to see. This issue would need to be
> discussed during the next working group call, this Thursday at 8pm
> EST/5pm PST.
> Lastly, I want to re-emphasize that this election is for the board
> that will serve temporarily, and that there will be a true election
> later this year.
> - Serge
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