[Talk-us] Whole-US Garmin Map (02-10-2010) update

Lars Ahlzen lars at ahlzen.com
Thu Feb 18 13:36:27 GMT 2010

Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> Anyone knows where to get NED data for large areas? The seamless
> server is such a pain and it will take forever just for a single
> state. or we could start a crowd source effort to download and share
> them.

They don't exactly advertise it, but USGS will actually take an external 
hard drive that you provide, fill it with NED data and ship it back to you.

We're trying to find a place to host this massive data set, though, so 
hopefully downloading will get a lot easier soon.

- Lars

Lars Ahlzen
lars at ahlzen.com

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