[Talk-us] Whole-US Garmin Map (02-10-2010) update

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Sat Feb 20 01:31:52 GMT 2010

On 2/17/10 4:05 PM, Mike N. wrote:
> Many thanks for this update - it has come in handy many times since the last
> update.   I was about to check with you to see if there was any way to
> update it, but you beat me to it!
i want to say thanks as well.

i have discovered that certain SD HC cards don't seem to work in my garmin,
but others do. i had thought that perhaps some of the map files were 
broken, it
took a while to sort out that it wasn't the maps, it was the SD cards. 
it seems
to go by brand, i have tried two HP branded cards, which work, and 3 PNY
branded cards, none of which work. haven't decided if i want to go through
the three remaining cards in the camera bag. (all cards are 4G, the ones 
didn't work got reformatted as FAT-32 and tried again, still didn't work.)


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