[Talk-us] Use of highway=tertiary

Stellan Lagerstrom lagerstrom at blindsight.com
Tue Feb 23 07:39:35 GMT 2010

Apollinaris Schoell wrote:
> did someone contact this user? any feedback?
> he/she reverted the whole revert again. 
> Will try to revert some of the worst areas for now but can't spend to much time on this.
We had a brief exchange of emails through the OSM site. I wondered why
so much tertiary, got the answer:

"My interpretation is that any fully paved road, with hard shoulders,
gutters, enough width for parking on both sides plus two traffic lanes
...  is tertiary. I except any road which is a dead end or merely a loop."

I replied we did not tag quite like that. He/she retorted that then we
were doing it wrong, and he/she had no problem with being different.
"There are areas of the US which have a road hierarchy where
"residential" makes sense and is even consistent with the actual UK
model. I have yet to see anything in the documentation or the talk pages
of the wiki which justifies such a drastic departure. "

I said we should take it to the wiki since it is a community project,
and there we left it...

Unfortunately, the wiki contains a lot of different ideas on how to tag
U.S. roads. It might be a good topic for a session at a U.S. SOTM to
hammer out some clear and easy-to-apply standards.


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