[Talk-us] United States Chapter of OpenStreetMap Board Elections

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 16:31:18 GMT 2010

United States OSMers,

In order to incorporate a United States Chapter of OpenStreetMap it is
necessary for us to elect a temporary board.

Since we are not incorporated determining membership is somewhat
difficult for election of this temporary board.  The U.S OSM Chapter
Working group has come-up with the following timeline for election of
a temporary board as well as incorporation of the U.S. Chapter.  The
temporary board will consist of 5 people and their term will last six
months.  This temporary board will file incorporation documents,
obtain an EIN number and open a bank account for the OSM U.S. Chapter
so the chapter can start accepting members.  This board will then
accept membership so a regular board election can occur.

   1. Nomination of candidates for election to temporary board. Jan
21th - Feb 4thth
   2. Election (everyone who is listed on the US Chapter Group Page as
an interested member is able to vote)
Feb 4th - Feb 17th
   3. Temporary board signs incorporate papers and finishes
incorporating the U.S. Local Chapter. Feb 18th - April 04th
   4. Membership is open.  April 04th - June 11th
   5. Regular board election occurs and those who have become members
of the OSM U.S. Chapter vote. June 11th - June 25th.

- Serge

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