[Talk-us] Questions about tagging local streets as US and statehighways

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Sat Jan 30 18:56:16 GMT 2010

Some great questions here!

> Some specific questions:
> 1. Do we need the ref tag for the way when we have the two relations
> with the same info?

   I think the ref tag is technically not required when relations are 
present.  I'm not an expert - proper rendering might be some time away yet 
on the default Mapnik / Osmarender.

> 2. Should the ref tag in the US 278 relation really be "US 278" or simply 
> "278"?

  The convention for highway network relations is just to use "278" - the 
'network' portion is combined if / when required.  In Potlatch, it currently 
displays as a member of
  "US:US US 278"

> Philosophical questions:
> 3. This road never renders with shields. Should it? Is it a problem of
> tagging, rendering, or false expectations?

   I believe this is currently just a rendering problem.


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