[Talk-us] Call for Nominations of US Local Chapter Board

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 01:20:04 GMT 2010

You're right the minutes aren't clear.

My recollection is that we had decided to make the list of eligible
voters and eligible nominees who are also listed as potential
financial contributors as of the start of the nomination process (last
week). That means folks can't add themselves to the list afterwards to
vote (they can add themselves but they're not eligible to vote).[1]

We didn't make the nomination process limited to only those folks
listed (we didn't discuss it as far as I remember) and so folks are
free to nominate who they like, but final voting will be limited to
that list.

We hadn't discussed the board size. I'd assumed it would be 4, and
speaking to Kate earlier, said it should be 5 or 7 members.

We need to resolve this.

Also, this election is for the temporary board for incorporation and
will last, I believe six months or less, in order to "jumpstart" the

Further elections will be by member of the organization.

- Serge

[1] This is the list:

Christian O. Petersen
Sarah Manley
Kate Chapman
Serge Wroclawski
David Wilkins
Tim White
Josh Kraayenbrink
Russ Nelson
Andrew Turner
Peter Batty
James Fee
Stellan Lagerstrom
Jim McAndrew
Thea Clay
Bobby Parikh
Paul Jarratt
Richard Welty
Adam Schreiber
Brian "Beej" Hall
Ian Dees
Steven Johnson
Matt McGuire
Richard Shank
Randal Hale
Travis Rayhons
Jeff Ollie

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