[Talk-us] FEMA seeking ideas for community disaster preparedness

Leroy E Leonard leeoncandler at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 15:34:31 GMT 2010

Over on challenge.gov, FEMA has issued a challenge for ideas for
"Preparing our Communities Before a Disaster Strikes":


I've started a discussion there (well, me and the crickets) about OSM
as a tool for building both "a diverse and distributed network of
people with a strong understanding of the local terrain and
infrastructure" plus "a hyper-local, very rich online map of a
community that compliments those created by the professionals at FEMA
and other agencies.".

Is this an idea that other folks would be interested in pursuing, or
am I just a guy who thinks we have a really terrific hammer and is
looking at everything like it's a nail?

 -- Lee

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