[Talk-us] seek Mapper in Rochester NY (Greece)

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Wed Nov 24 02:11:43 GMT 2010

> I saw a "stay on the highway" bug and I think that means that they're
> annoyed by the directions telling them to stay on the highway every time
> they enter a separate way.  Either the routing software needs tofigure
> this out or it needs to use the route relations.

   I see this report many times also, often while on the interstate.   I 
found some places on the Interstate where I saw the app doing this - I drove 
it, and looked at the data 10-ways 'til Sunday, and it's just a random 
routing bug with no anomalies in the data.    They are working on a major 
release before the end of the year - it should correct a bunch of these 

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