[Talk-us] US highway tagging (was: [OSM-talk] Response to A critique of OpenStreetMap)

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Oct 15 17:16:31 BST 2010

On 10/15/10 12:00 PM, Brad Neuhauser wrote:
> OK, a metaphorical gauntlet has been thrown down, and Richard makes 
> great points.  That said, is there any chance the US community can 
> find some agreement about highway tagging?  And once we do, we can 
> broker the Israel-Palestine peace talks. :)
> But seriously, it seems like we need some sort of structured process 
> for a group to look at the options, find compromises, make a decision, 
> and then have a uniform scheme for US roads across the wiki (and 
> hopefully the data will follow...).  What has happened up to now with 
> wiki proposals on different pages and email discussions hasn't 
> resolved the issue for whatever reason.  Maybe the OSMF-US (or a 
> working group, or some organizationally smart person on this list) 
> could come up with a process and timeline as a way to focus the 
> conversation and move to a resolution?
OSMF-US is putting working groups together now. a highway tagging group
sounds reasonable to me, although perhaps a more general US tagging group
with an initial focus on highway tagging might be useful.

there aren't any requirements for working group membership (that is,
you don't need to be an OSMF-US member to participate in a WG), although
there is a preference that the working group chair to be a member. i have
a long standing interest in some of the problems with US highway tagging,
and am willing to chair such a group if no one else steps up. if someone
else wants to chair, i'm happy to serve as the board liaison.

note that anyone who thinks they want to chair should be aware that there is
indeed some contention, someone isn't going get their way, so there will
be a fair component of mediation and of providing focus/direction to the


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