[Talk-us] US highway tagging (was: [OSM-talk] Response to A critique of OpenStreetMap)

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Fri Oct 15 17:24:59 BST 2010

* Brad Neuhauser <brad.neuhauser at gmail.com> [2010-10-15 11:00 -0500]:

Nice timing.  :)

> That said, is there any chance the US community can find some agreement
> about highway tagging?

I think so.  I hope to get some good discussion on my email.

> But seriously, it seems like we need some sort of structured process for a
> group to look at the options, find compromises, make a decision, and then
> have a uniform scheme for US roads across the wiki (and hopefully the data
> will follow...).

I think this gets into areas of a little more philosophical nature.  The
obvious group to spearhead this sort of thing is the newly-formed OSMF US
chapter.  You'd need people to volunteer to do the work, though, and I
suspect any group formed for this sort of thing would spend a lot of time
dealing with conflicts between mappers (I understand beinf on the OSMF
Data Working Group is a pretty draining task).

> What has happened up to now with wiki proposals on different pages and
> email discussions hasn't resolved the issue for whatever reason.

I think it's because the wiki is contradictory on or doesn't mention a lot
of topics and the data is even more contradictory.  What I'd like to do
(as I mentioned in my other email) is get a consensus, put that in the
wiki (I've compiled a list of pages that set guidelines for tagging these
things), and, ideally, update the data to match the consensus.  The last
is important because new mappers will absolutely be looking at the data we
have and consensus doesn't mean anything if the data doesn't reflect it.

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