[Talk-us] Highway Tagging Consensus Followup

Phil! Gold phil_g at pobox.com
Sun Oct 24 21:24:59 BST 2010

I'd like to summarize the various opinions on the topics I raised (and
hopefully do so accurately and fairly; please correct me if I misspeak)
and suggest some ideas for future use.

* Phil! Gold <phil_g at pobox.com> [2010-10-15 12:08 -0400]:
> == "Some of OSM’s Roads Look Like State Borders" ==

NE2 pointed out that the roads in question are tagged correctly; they're
Interstate-class when going around cities but drop to a lower
classification between cities.  In light of that, I'd say that this gets
to be more of a renderer problem than a tagging one.

> == "Hyphens" ==
> == "Inconsistent State Prefixes" ==
> == "No Prefix" ==

These related topics spawned the most discussion.  I'll go over the
discussion for them in my next email.

> == "Acronym Markers" ==

I wasn't happy with the practice of using the initials of a road's name as
the value of its ref= tag.  NE2 and Richard Welty both like that approach,
since the roads in question have custom signage (i.e. not the standard
state highway signs) and the roads' initials are the most prominent things
on their signs.

The initials did confuse the 41 latitude blogger, but if everyone mapping
custom-signed roads thinks this is the best approach, I guess that becomes
our de-facto standard.  Does anyone else want to weigh in on this one?

> == "Some Interstates Show Exits—Others Don't" ==

I had a question about how much information to put into the name= tag of a
motorway_junction node.  Mike N suggested putting all of the information
on the sign (junctioned road, connected towns, other connected roads) into
the same tag.  NE2 said that the exit_to= tag should be used instead of
the name= tag.  Peter Budny said that the destination sign relation should
be used.  (I couldn't tell whether he was saying to use the relation only
for connected towns or for everything, including the
immediately-junctioned road.)

There wasn't much consensus out of the discussion, mostly because few
people commented.  I guess I'll stick with putting the junctioned road on
the motorway_junction tag and connected towns in a destination relation,
but I can't tell if there's enough consensus to call that a community

As for the exit_to= tag, my experience is that, despite its mention on the
highway=motorway_junction wiki page, most people are using the name= tag
for the text on the exit signs.  If you're interested in getting people to
switch that tagging, it should probably be brought up on the tagging@ list
(and possibly the talk@ list).

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