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Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 23:43:21 BST 2010

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 5:27 PM, Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:
> You seem to have a real interest in this. Would you consider making a
> test to show the results of your proposed changes first?  A comparison
> of
> * the wiki / population based place values
> * the current incorporation status rendering
> * your proposed census-based place values
> would be interesting to see.

Florida has 411 incorporated municipalities, of which (to the best of
my knowledge) 269 are incorporated as cities, 125 as towns, and 17 as

The following "principal cities" exist in Florida:

name			inc.	2009 pop.
Metropolitan Statistical Areas ("at least one urbanized area of 50,000
or more population")
Cape Coral		city	154202 (city)
Fort Myers		city	64674 (town)

Crestview		city	19868 (town)
Fort Walton Beach	city	18585 (town)
Destin			city	12641 (town)

Deltona		city	83531 (town)
Daytona Beach	city	63795 (town)
Ormond Beach		city	37825 (town)

Gainesville		city	116616 (city)

Jacksonville		city	813518 (city)

Lakeland		city	93738 (town)
Winter Haven		city	33345 (town)

Miami			city	433136 (city)
Fort Lauderdale	city	184892 (city)
Pompano Beach	city	102609 (city)
West Palm Beach	city	99504 (town)
Miami Beach		city	88065 (town)
Boca Raton		city	86445 (town)
Kendall		not	75226 (town) in 2000
Deerfield Beach	city	75185 (town)
Boynton Beach	city	69654 (town)
Delray Beach		city	64691 (town)
Homestead		city	59812 (town)

Naples			city	22189 (town)
Marco Island		city	15751 (town)

North Port		city	54223 (town)
Bradenton		city	53973 (town)
Sarasota		city	52025 (town)
Venice			city	20770 (town)

Ocala			city	55568 (town)

Orlando		city	235860 (city)
Kissimmee		city	62632 (town)
Sanford		city	50998 (town)

Palm Bay		city	100999 (city)
Melbourne		city	77483 (town)
Titusville		city	44510 (town)

Palm Coast		city	73168 (town)

Panama City		city	36643 (town)
Lynn Haven		city	15368 (town)
Panama City Beach	city	14514 (town)

Pensacola		city	53752 (town)
Ferry Pass		not	27176 (town) in 2000
Brent			not	22257 (town) in 2000

Port St. Lucie	city	154410 (city)

Punta Gorda		city	17115 (town)

Sebastian		city	20584 (town)
Vero Beach		city	17305 (town)

Tallahassee		city	172574 (city)

Tampa			city	343890 (city)
St. Petersburg	city	244324 (city)
Clearwater		city	106081 (city)
Largo			city	73215 (town)

Micropolitan Statistical Areas ("at least one urban cluster of at
least 10,000 but less than 50,000 population")
Arcadia		city	6899 (village)
Clewiston		city	7107 (village)
Homosassa Springs	not	12458 (town) in 2000
Key West		city	22463 (town)
Lake City		city	12614 (town)
Okeechobee		city	5876 (village)
Palatka		city	10677 (town)
Sebring		city	10470 (town)
The Villages		not	81000 (town) in 2010 according to
Wauchula		city	4630 (village)


In effect this is a classification by population of the urbanized area
rather than only within the city limits, with a
micropolitan-metropolitan cutoff of 50,000 instead of our town-city
cutoff of 100,000. Perhaps it would be best to use place=city for the
principal cities of the Metropolitan Statistical Areas and place=town
for the Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and then drop everything else
down to village or hamlet (which it would be anyway by the population
criteria). Or if there's a way to identify which of the principal
cities are really major suburbs, place=suburb could be useful.

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