[Talk-us] Mapquest does (or did) use relations

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Mon Oct 25 03:17:32 BST 2010

* Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com> [2010-10-24 21:12 -0400]:
> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-us/2010-July/003672.html

And http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-us/2010-July/003660.html

> The results are a bit different now, so they may have changed their
> rendering rules. Or maybe it was we who broke it when the refs on
> relations were recently mass-changed to remove prefixes (Mapquest
> apparently only rendered them if they had prefixes).

I assume you're referring to my changeset #6030384.  I don't think that
broke anything with Mapnik's shield rendering.  I updated every route
relation in Maryland, and Mapquest is still putting shields on them.  The
main ones I can see without shields are shared routes: a section of I-695
that's also I-83, and the stretch where I-70 is also US 40.

Plus, I just double-checked their rendering rules (from
http://github.com/MapQuest/MapQuest-Mapnik-Style ) and the way they're
pulling data for shield rendering will only get ways, not relations.
(They're only getting records that have highway= tags of motorway, trunk,
primary, or secondary, which, of course, route relations don't have at
all.)  So yes, they choose shields based on the route prefixes, but that's
only on the ways themselves.  They (still) don't use route relations.

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