[Talk-us] About TIGER ways in Kansas

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Mon Oct 25 03:35:52 BST 2010

> post today about a class project I just finished in which I made a
> thematic map concerning the TIGER ways in Kansas.

   Great analysis - I did something similar for Arkansas, but it was 
statewide and not county by county.   I concur with your analysis - we need 
to retain interstate and US highway edits where global routability has been 
created.  Approaching it on a county by county basis is a good plan also; 
that will give us a chance to stitch up the county borders on all roads this 
time as counties are updated.    That will be a HUGE project - keep in mind 
that some *major* interstate routes have finally been converted to dual 
carriageway just last week.

   As far as how to approach the TIGER 2010, some advanced conflation tools 
will be needed / welcome.   Something that can produce just a Geo-Diff set 
of data, or allow virtual tracing over the new information as required. 
I haven't seen the data, so I can't guess what can be done, but since I have 
extensively modified my area, I envision just doing adds / deletes, and if 
they have updated old stuff with actual county centerlines, I can replace 
just areas created from "back of napkin style" geometries that you have seen 
in your area.

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