[Talk-us] Route Tagging Consensus

Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 17:49:38 BST 2010

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 9:03 PM, Phil! Gold <phil_g at pobox.com> wrote:
> First was just how route information should be represented.  Almost
> everyone agreed on two things: that route shields should be rendered with
> network-appropriate shield shapes, not the textual prefixes we have now;
> and route relations are the best source of route information.  (NE2 was
> the sole dissenter on the last point; he feels that route relations are
> too easily broken.)

My main point was that relations should not be the sole source; refs
on ways should be kept for redundancy. But I have no objection to
relations being the primary source for the renderers.

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