[Talk-us] stop signs

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Tue Oct 26 06:03:50 BST 2010

okay so there are a ton of stop signs in my neighborhood that TeleAtlas don't know about, and think every road is 30mph all the way through. The current scheme isn't flexible enough to do 2 way signs


because if you put two stop node each side of an intersection then a routing algorithm will try to stop even if you're turning away from the intersection and the stop applies to traffic going in the opposite direction.

Therefor I propose stop signs go on the intersection and save a lot of hassle with the tag


and in addition, has the road it applies to


is explicit and implied on any node without an explicit 'all' tag.

If it's just one street at the crossing of Bonkers Road and Moronic Parkway then you can do

	stop=Bonkers Road

to indicate that it's a two way stop on just that road of the intersection.


The main thing is how to explicitly tag one stop sign on a 4 way intersection. If you put just one node down then it's ambiguous as to the direction it applies to. Unless you split it up in to two ways each in different directions, which starts to get cumbersome.



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