[Talk-us] Any interest in Google Code-In?

Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 03:07:08 BST 2010

Hi everyone,

At the Google Summer of Code mentors summit this past weekend Google asked
us (the organizations that participated in Summer of Code) to also
participate in the Google Code-In project. The Code-In project is similar to
the Summer of Code but for 13-18 year olds. The tasks are meant to be much
smaller: the students are supposed to sign up for one task at a time, they
get $100 for every 3 tasks they complete (up to $500).

I talked a bit with Carol (the Google woman running the project) who liked
me suggestion for putting up a bunch of mapping-related projects. For
example, a project could be "map 100 restaurants in your area" or "map all
stores in mall X". We would need a small group of OSM regulars to be able to
respond to questions from students, write and/or update documentation to
make sure students understand how to edit, and verify that the data entered
is valid. She also suggested that the students could do things like write or
update documentation, community outreach, etc.

There are a couple downsides: the time spent reviewing submitted data (think
checking for copyright issues, etc.) might be better spent actually mapping
and it doesn't appear that the organizations offering projects get anything
other than the work from the students (compare to the cash that Google gives
organizations for Summer of Code participation).

Is anyone interested in thinking of tasks? If so, please respond some time
tomorrow as the application for participation is due by this weekend.

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