[Talk-us] TriMet will begin OSM improvements in the Portland area

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*TriMet will begin OSM improvements in the Portland area beginning Monday
February 21, 2011*.

Geographic Extent:  Multnomah, Clark, Washington, and Clackamas County

Timeframe:  6 months, February 18, 2011 – August 18, 2011

OSM User Names:  TriMet_PJH, TriMet_MSB, TriMet_GNH, TriMet_BB

Reference files used to make the improvements:

Metro’s Regional Datasets: streets.shp, trails.shp, bikes.shp  (starting
with current versions dated January 2011)

            6 inch aerial imagery flown Fall 2010

Improvements using ArcMap's OSM Editor include:

   - Street alignments
      - Streets with bus routes on them are allowed a 5 foot difference
      between OSM and Metro.
      - Streets without bus routes are allowed a 10 foot buffer.
   - Attributes
      - The attributes in Metro's data will be rewritten in a form matching
      - Missing sections can then be copied and pasted into OSM's data
   - Geometrically incorrect sections
      - will be snapped to match Metro's
   - We will also be checking directionality

The work from this project will support applications and projects such as
the Open Trip Planner http://opentripplanner.org/ and The Intertwine

For more detailed information or questions, please contact Bibiana McHugh
mchughb at trimet.org or myself (PJ Houser, stephanie.jean.houser at gmail.com)


PJ Houser
Trimet, GIS
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