[Talk-us] Grand Jnction Update - TIGER 2010

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 13:59:00 BST 2011

OK I've moved all the old TIGER roads into line with the imagery and added
in all the newer TIGER 2010 roads (a hundred at least).
I've got a big cleanup to do and then moving hundreds of drains underground,
relocating canals and train lines to fit the imagery and adding bridges
level crossings, traffic lights etc etc...

There are some new roads that are not in TIGER 2010. For example near K and
18 roads in Fruita Where the Colorado website has Richwood Avenue and
Woodland Avenue. Does anyone know who I could e-mail from the Grand JUnction
Council to find out which roads (and their rough location) have been built
in the last year?

I'm about to start comparing OSM coverage with the Bing imagery, street by
street to try to find new roads that I need to survey when I'm there in
September. Also there are unresolved issues of whether it is Scarlet Drive
or Scarlet Street (near 23rd and I 70) and whether step-aside drive is
partly Glen Caro drive or not (near G and 23 1/2)
I also now need to get all the roads the correct type (motorway, primary
etc) and then fix the relations I broke by duplicating the I 70 Business
If anyone can let me know of any other roads/neighbourhoods etc that I need
to survey properly, it would be greatly appreciated.
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