[Talk-us] Chattanooga OSM Meeting on 7/21/2011

Randal Hale rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
Fri Jul 22 13:22:28 BST 2011

Update on the meeting.

We had 6 people attend. I was really only expecting about 3. Out of the 
6, two of us were very familiar with OSM. The other four had no 
experience. I gave them a brief run through of OpenStreetMap - past, 
present, and who, what, why. I asked that they all get logins and we 
think for the first attempt at a mapping "project" we are going to try 
to get the bicycle infrastructure in town (lanes).  If anyone has 
trouble they can all get in touch with me and I can walk them through 
it. Unfortunately Internet went down as the meeting began and was 
sketchy the rest of the night.....

We had one attendee from "Outdoor Chattanooga". They promote outdoor 
activities around the tri-state area. Jenny Parks is going to check 
about holding an OSM event at Outdoor Chattanooga sometime shortly. Most 
importantly - Media (radio and newspaper). They have several outlets to 
spread the word. Bringing them into the mix gives us access to a lot of 
groups: cycling, hiking, canoeing, etc. They appear interested in - and 
here's where I get lost - building an "Outdoor Chattanooga" map. They 
don't have one. So from my limited experience in all this it would 
involve some sort of custom "mapnik" or something similar to 
OpenCycleMap. Which reminds me,  I noticed before the meeting 
OpenCycleMap appears to have not updated in a month around Chattanooga.

So the trick is going to be meeting #2.


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