[Talk-us] Bike / Pedestrian directions on the MQ Open sites

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 16:48:19 GMT 2011


The bicycle router picks almost the exact route I take to work when I
tell it to avoid hills.

One thing I've noticed is that starting and ending positions are kind
of weird when they involve a building polygon. I'm guessing buildings
are reduced to a centroid point in the routing engine and it just
selects the nearest way as the start/end point of the route. This
leads to a slightly odd route sometimes. For example, zoom in on the
north end of this route:


Obviously the better starting location would be where the footway
intersects the building outline on the south corner. That intersection
node is even marked with building=entrance. Perhaps explicitly mapped
entrances could be taken into account by the routing engine?

Another route where this would help:


The route takes you right past a door on the south end of Anderson
Hall in favor of the walkway end point that is closest to the building


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