[Talk-us] Civil War sites

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Sat Mar 26 21:57:43 GMT 2011

On 3/26/11 5:53 PM, Russ Nelson wrote:
> Richard Welty writes:
>   >  historical mapping can be hard. i have the resources to do a bunch of it for
>   >  the Civil War, but the tagging system doesn't support a lot of the data and
>   >  it would just make a mess  of the map, i think, right now.
> OSM doesn't have a good concept of time. It would be reasonable to put
> non-current data into OSM except that it would show up in editors, and
> renderers likely don't know about the ending-date tags and would
> render data not currently present on the ground. E.g. at this time and
> date General Custer was here, then he was there.
i'm debating whether or not i want to set up a parallel database, using
the OSM design, to contain historical data that can be used in a mashup
with OSM, and opening it up for historically minded mappers to use as
a laboratory for experiments in how one would tag this stuff.


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