[Talk-us] Address improvement through imports?

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Mon Nov 7 01:39:50 GMT 2011

Hmm...  Baldridge v Shapiro, a Supreme Court ruling:

"The unambiguous language of the confidentiality provisions of the
Census Act -- focusing on the "information" or "data" that constitutes
the statistical computation -- as well as the Act's legislative
history, indicates that Congress contemplated that raw data reported
by or on behalf of individuals, not just the identity of the
individuals, was to be held confidential, and not available for
disclosure. The master address list sought by Essex County is part of
the raw census data intended by Congress to be protected under the
Act. And under the Act's clear language, it is not relevant that
municipalities seeking data will use it only for statistical

This case was over something a little different...but that's some strong dicta.

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