[Talk-us] Planning to "import" speed limit data for Florida

Dale Puch dale.puch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 06:02:05 BST 2011

So a query to http://www.overpass-api.de/query_form.html
  <query type="relation">
    <has-kv k="network" v="US:FL"/>
  <recurse type="relation-node" into="nodes"/>
  <recurse type="relation-way"/>
  <recurse type="way-node"/>
Returns all relations with [network=US:FL], as well as the ways and nodes
If a way with [network=US:FL] is NOT in a relation, will it be returned by
Would it need a second <query type="way"> section?

Is this resultant file just like the data normally downloaded by JOSM?  IE.
edit it the same, then upload?

Dealing with such a large area, will conflict resolution be an issue?  I
really have not had to deal with it before, so do not know how big a deal
that is.

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Dale Puch
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