[Talk-us] Planning to "import" speed limit data for Florida

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Thu Sep 1 08:05:52 BST 2011

ogr2osm converts the FDOT file just fine.  It also loads up without 
trouble into qgis.

But the road IDs are not very useful.  Alligator Alley is 03175000, 
which is not a FIHS number, or a Tiger:tlid  You have to get the 
localname.shp file to get more interesting names like:
     ROADWAY 03175000

If your goal is to match to the osm data automatically it would take 
some work.
     Merge localname.shp and maxspeed.shp so you have both the speed and 
the roadway number.
     Using xapi, load all data for highway=motorway in the bounding box
     Conflate the two by name search.

The maxspeed data is also missing various roads (there are islands or 
roadway that connect to nothing), and it has 0mph speed limits.

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