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Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Sun Sep 4 04:23:44 BST 2011

Great work, I just finished reading it. A few comments on the OSM portion:

52: I hope others get interested in conflation of OSM data, maybe
it'll be a GSoC project someday; even if we don't have a complete
solution, there are ways to ease the process

56: there was indeed a bug in ogr2osm where it would ignore the last
attribute, but it should be fixed as of about 2 weeks ago

57: I wouldn't say "Due to rendering, ...", as there is a mantra in
OSM "don't tag for the renderer", however if you tag correctly you
won't have street type (classification) changing frequently

57: ogr2osm can take multiple attributes into account when creating
tags, as you have the full power of Python at your disposal, i.e. you
can skip the load into JOSM & change oneway tag bit (feel free to ask
on the list how to do this, I'd be happy to help)

58: we should probably work toward creating objective criteria for the
safeness of roads, so we can eliminate the need for tags like
RLIS:bicycle=caution_area in the future; it would be great to get that
discussion going on what's the minimum amount of information needed to
make this determination (shoulder width, outside lane width, etc.)

58: have you considered putting an RFC out on cycleway=shared_lane to
get some discussion going around the tag?

59: instead of converting .osm layers to GPX and repeating every so
often, you can change the styling of the background layer. Also, look
into using custom map styles like I demonstrated here
:http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:MassDOT (feel free to ask
list for help with specifics)

60: if mapping sidewalks as separate ways is too time consuming,
consider using the sidewalk=left/right/both/yes/no tags; in the future
some may map them as separate ways and can add details like curb cuts
(kerb=dropped), surface, etc.

60: highway=crossing should absolutely be used if mapping as separate
ways, see this example which also uses kerb=*:

61: I'm very interested in the QC process, let us know how it goes; if
you have any ideas for a smartphone or tablet app that would help with
QC, please share with the list! I think something along the lines of
combining the features of the Android apps Vespucci and OSMTracker
would be great, but perhaps using vector rendering that could have
custom styles for QC'ing specific features, like kerbs

It's clear that your group has put a lot of care into this work, and I
thank you all for that! I'm excited about OTP, and hope at some point
to setup a demo of it for my region (Washington DC), but it probably
won't be anytime soon. Thanks again!

On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 7:03 PM, PJ Houser
<stephanie.jean.houser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> TriMet, the Portland region transit agency, has released a report on the
> OpenTripPlanner Project for its Metro 2009-2011 Regional Travel Options
> Grant. You can find information on its four county OSM improvement project
> on p. 34 and in Appendix D, p. 50. Though the report is in its final form,
> the OSM Improvement Project is an ongoing project, so feel free to send your
> input to me.
> A copy of the report has been placed on the OTP developer wiki
> at https://github.com/openplans/OpenTripPlanner/wiki.
> Thank you!
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