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* Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at gmail.com> [2012-04-02 09:23 -0400]:
> On 4/2/2012 8:25 AM, Phil! Gold wrote:
> >I'm not an expert on every state, so I'm particularly interested in
> >whether things look good to the natives of each state and, if not, what
> >could make them look better.
> Florida has special toll shields. These are not represented by
> relations since, for example, SR 528 is partly toll-shielded and
> partly normal shielded.

There's a similar problem in Tennessee, where a route may go back and
forth between primary and secondary signage depending on the state's
classification of the road at that point.  For the moment, we opted to
ignore the Tennessee problem as much as possible and use the primary sign
for a route if any part of that route is signed as a primary.

For things like Florida's toll roads, we currently treat that as a
separate network, so a route relation tagged as network=US:FL:Toll,
ref=528 would get the toll shield.  I can see the argument that the toll
portions are still considered part of SR 528 so they should still be part
of the SR 528 route relation, but there is something distinct about them,
since they are signed differently.  Making a separate relation for the
toll portions and putting the tolled ways into both relations might not be
a bad solution.  That's definitely one that I, as a data consumer, could

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