[Talk-us] Highway Shield Rendering

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Apr 2 18:55:24 BST 2012

Phil! this looks pretty good for what I think you are saying is an 
early version of these renderings.

I was a bit surprised to see shields beginning to render only at zoom 
level 11, and spottily at that.  Shields at zoom levels 10, 9 and 
even 8 and 7 (maybe Interstates only?) would be helpful, if crowded 
in spots.  I realize that perhaps 11 as a starting point is only just 
that.  Yes, 12, 13 and up to 14 work, but 15 and above just display 
pink tiles.  You likely know that already, and I supposed that is to 
reduce tile server load; OK.

Most specific shields in California look "good and familiar," as you 
make correct distinctions between Interstates and state routes. 
However, "county routes" (designated by a "regional letter" and a 
number, such as "S 21") are not rendered with proper shields at all. 
This is a critical component for many areas.

And oddly, in the San Diego area, "CA 209" and "CA 75" (Point Loma 
and Coronado, respectively) don't render with your newer shields, but 
the old style Mapnik shields.  Even in "read only mode" I am unable 
coax JOSM to "read only" so I can't see what these (S 21, CA 209 and 
CA 75) tags are.  It may be that they are tagged in a wrong or odd 
way, it may be that you aren't catching a certain case of things, I'm 
not sure.

Also, there are some toll ways in Orange County (California, e.g. CA 
73, CA 241) which don't render specifically as toll, but as there is 
no distinct shield in California to distinguish toll roads, I'm not 
sure this is a defect in your algorithm or renderings -- the regular 
state route shield is displayed, apparently correctly.

I also see absolutely no business routes where I know them to exist. 
I'm still searching for some in your rendering, but haven't found any 

That's my first look at your "first cut."  At least your first 
"public" cut as broadcast to the talk-us pages.


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